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Creative folding inthe dye process results in a perfect "solid" companion fabric

Rich colors inspired by nature's light & shadows.

  • Provide export opportunities for small entrepreneurs in the diminishing Malaysian domestic market.
  • Hire & train local villagers providing a means to earn  money in areas with limited employment opportunities.
  • Pay the producers 50% deposit when the order is placed and the balance upon completion.
  • Fair price is paidso producers enjoy a good profit and pay workers a living wage.
  • Respect local cultural and artistic customs. Traditional designs and colors are the foundation of every Turtle Hand product.
  • Give back to the community through support of disadvantaged children, compromised indigenous people & endangered sea turtle conservation efforts in Malaysia.


Ethical Trade Practices

Mesmerizing designs created with a delicate multi-step wax/dye process.

Rich designs  made with layers of carefully stamped wax and hand dyed.

Hand drawn, hand painted one of a kind creations.

Hand brushed stripes applied one color at a time.

Traditional wax stamped batik with hand painted details.

Swirling eddies of rich color. No two are alike.

Our Designs

Our Mission

  To keep Malaysian heritage crafts alive & thriving thus supporting and enhancing the livelihood of individual artisan producers & their communities.              

Our Pledge

  Turtle Hand Batik pledges to offer  outstanding Malaysian  small  batch handcrafted products  featuring  traditional batik, artisan dyed fabric & one of a kind art panels.    
                                                   - Tina  Hilton

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